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If you have to be somewhere MONDAY MORNING! Shouldn't you be thinking about a Tekvest

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Tucker Hibbert : 6-Time National Pro Snocross Champion

I've put my trust into Tekvest since the beginning of my professional racing career. It's clear that Tekrider is passionate about providing a quality product to protect both racers and recreational riders. I believe the performance and safety of a Tekvest is unmatched. Since I started wearing a Tekvest, I've never had an upper body injury.

"I have to be somewhere on Monday morning,
that's why I choose TekVest."

Visit Tucker's website at www.tucker-hibbert.com

Long time Tekvest customer, Mike Schultz,
had somewhere to be Monday morning!

Check out Mike's website at
ESPN Interview with Mike Schultz - Click here

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Mike’s Story

Mike was looking forward to his best snocross season yet, excited to get to work with his new team. His hard work and training over the summer had paid off; he was in the best physical condition he’d ever been in. At the second stop of the ISOC Amsoil Championship Snocross Series in Ironwood, MI, everything changed. While battling for a transfer spot, Mike landed awkward after a jump severely fracturing his left knee. Over the next few days, Mike endured several surgeries, but the doctors were unable to save his leg and had to amputate it above the knee. On Christmas Eve, Mike was released from the hospital and immediately got to work. Since the accident, Mike has adapted to his new leg and never looked back. His racer mentality has helped him to set and already achieve new goals. Mike was back on his snowmobile within a month of being released from the hospital and even raced in the Mechanics’ Race at the ISOC Finale in March.

Mike’s new goal is to be competitive again in Motocross and Snocross. He is working on perfecting a new knee that he designed and fabricated to enable him to ride close to the level he was at before. He already has achieved a silver medal in the Extremity Games (7/11/09) and the Summer X-Games (7/31/09) adaptive motocross events joining the ranks of only a few other athletes who have competed in both Summer and Winter XI. With these new goals in his sights, there is nothing that will slow this guy down!

"I still wear and have worn a Tekvest since the beginning of my career in 1998. There is nothing else on the market that gives so much protection against the aggressive traction products we use in snocross."

   ~ Mike Schultz #5

Dane Ferguson

I'm X Games gold medalist Dane Ferguson. I’m a freestyle snowmobile rider as well as an avid mini bike, dirt bike and Polaris RZR rider. I wear my Tekvest because I have somewhere to be Monday morning.

There is no doubt in my mind that my Tekvest has done a tremendous job of keeping me safe, not to mention, alive. Whether it was the time I got speared in the chest riding my bike down a wooded trail, my sled landing on me during a failed flip attempt or the 2 times I violently rolled the RZR. Without the Tekvest I would have definitely caused organ damage and my hospital bills would have been a lot more expensive. Not to mention all the times it kept me out of the hospital all together!

I wear my Tekvest any time I ride motorized toys...no doubt about it!

Check out these links for more Dane Ferguson!    www.daneferguson.com   ~   Dane's Tekrider Photo Gallery

Mike Duffy

"I definitely advise wearing a TekVest while riding in the mountains. The TekVest can prevent injuries in locations where rescue would be very difficult and slow. It can make the difference between walking away from a crash or being carried out. 25% of avalanche victims die from trauma. Anything that can help reduce injuries will increase your chances of surviving an avalanche. I wear my TekVest every time I ride."

Mike Duffy ~ Avalanche instructor for 14 years

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